Security Equipment

We have widerange of security product including Explosive Detector, X-Ray Screening System for Parcel, Baggage, Cargo and Person, Walkthrough and Handheld Metal Detector and Night Vision Binocular.



Laboratory Equipment

For laboratory equipment we have Corrosion Analyzing System, Compact EDS System, Desktop Mini-Scanning Electron Microscope, Isotop Ratio Mass Spectrometer, Laboratory Furnace, etc.



Radiation Safety Equipment

In this cathegory, we have Diagnostic Imaging QA, Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Oncology QA, and Radiation Safety.



Measuring Equipment

We also have widerange of Strain Gauges, Transducers and Instruments to measure force / stress in various fields such as research study, maintenance management and product lines.  There’s Automotive Measuring System for measuring of 6-Component Wheel Force, Wheel Alignment, Wheel Torque, Tie-rod, Steering Torque, Braking Pedal Force, Driving Shaft Torque, etc.



Telecommunication Equipment

As for telecommunication equipment, we have a very wide range of Mobile Signal Repeaters and Antennas.



Media Solution

Delphi also deals with media solutions. Together with our partner QSi Holding Ltd, a Hong Kong based media technology company, we deliver system to our customer where they can get information they need  while viewing products advertisement in the same time.


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